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Evo Oil Sprayer

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The Evo Oil Sprayer is great for cooking, baking, sautéing, grilling, and much more! Any job where aerosol cooking sprays or butter substitutes are used, an Evo can be utilized, even special applications such as making a waffle or pressing a panini. Evo is not just for coating cooking surfaces. This useful product can be used to spray cooking oil or flavoring directly onto food. Spray a chicken breast to add taste before cooking. Use the Evo for spraying fish for baking. Add some oil to kebabs before setting them on the grill. Apply oil to vegetables as a finishing touch before serving. Evo is BPA free.
Cleaning the Evo Oil Sprayer is quick and easy. The bottle section can either be rinsed with water or put into the dishwasher. The actual trigger sprayer can be cleaned by simply spraying warm soapy water through the sprayer, then thoroughly rinsing with warm tap water. Look for the Evo twist-on funnel, so you can refill your Evo bottle easily. Look for the Evo bands, so you can label your bottle in a unique and fun way.
More Information
Manufacturer Part Number 8110
No propellants or chemicals are used. You spray your favorite oils, pure and simple.
Evo sprays the exact amount of pure oil each and every time, so you control portions, calories and nutrition.
Evo is re-usable, so you can buy pure oils in bulk and refill Evo repeatedly. Say bye to expensive aerosols.
Refill, re-use and reduce what you throw away. Evo is 100% recyclable. No chemicals or propellants are released into the environment.
Material BPA-Free Plastic
Tool/Gadget Type Oil Sprayer
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