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Mac Nut Macadamia Nut Oil 8.5 oz

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Pressed from Australian macadamia nuts, Mac Nut oil is healthy and delicious, with a rich, slightly nutty taste. Because it has a naturally high smoke point, it is excellent for frying.
Our MacNut Oil is one of the finest oils available— more healthful than olive oil, more stable than canola, with a richer, buttery flavor than either. MacNut begins with the finest tree-ripened macadamia nuts which are then first cold-pressed, using no solvents or chemicals. This traditional method of extracting the oil ensures the highest quality and preserves the superb aroma and taste. Because Macadamia nut is the only oil MacNut processes, there is no risk of cross-contamination with other nuts - perfect for those with peanut allergies. MacNut Oil’s naturally high levels of monounsaturated fats and antioxidants give it a very long and stable shelf life, even if left un-refrigerated. Perfect for pan frying seafood, wonderful for salad dressing, vinaigrettes, and marinades. Macadamia nut oil has the perfect 1:1 ratio of Omega-6 to Omega-3 fatty acids and has the highest concentration of monounsaturated fats (oleic acid) of any available cooking oil.
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ManufacturerMac Nut
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Country of OriginAustralia
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